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New York business card holder with mirrorNew York business card holder with mirror
2.52 eurocod: 544617stoc: 0extern: 3753
Grass RFID multi card holderGrass RFID multi card holder
1.728 eurocod: 135102stoc: 0extern: 16700
Straw RFID card holderStraw RFID card holder
0.576 eurocod: 135101stoc: 0extern: 24044
Veela A4 portfolioVeela A4 portfolio
8.196 eurocod: 107239stoc: 0extern: 5542
Ebony A4 briefcase portfolioEbony A4 briefcase portfolio
17.388 eurocod: 119987stoc: 0extern: 4795
Ebony A4 zippered portfolioEbony A4 zippered portfolio
11.484 eurocod: 119986stoc: 0extern: 17437
Ebony A4 portfolioEbony A4 portfolio
8.004 eurocod: 119985stoc: 0extern: 10904
Ebony A5 portfolioEbony A5 portfolio
6.096 eurocod: 119984stoc: 0extern: 17435
University A4 portfolioUniversity A4 portfolio
4.44 eurocod: 119514stoc: 0extern: 12159